Be your own Superhero

Take your life seriously, be brave and take action.

With 2017 behind me and 2018 already unfolding, I feel different….renewed. A new energy is motivating me, like all of a sudden my life has just got serious….no, not serious but that I’m taking my life more seriously. Perhaps this is just a January feeling that every new day counts or something, whatever it is, I’m compelled to make some positive changes. How long will this last? Who knows. I do know that it has felt that I’ve lived a lot of my life thus far like a student and now I’m all grown up at 46 with a 9 year old daughter!! Talk about taking my time.

My first post this year was going to be a poem that I wrote a few years ago but it didn’t feel right so for the first time here, I’m just writing my thoughts as they arise in my mind. So apologies if it becomes a little incoherent.

I didn’t realise how the events of last year had taken their toll on me. I know January 1st is just another day but it still holds significance in wiping the slate clean and letting go of the negative emotions associated with the last years shenanigans. My hopes and desires for 2018 are big, I’m dreaming big for love, career, passions and experiences. Why not? I’ve restricted myself so much in the past, feeling not worthy of an amazing relationship, of abundance, of happiness. I’ve had enough of seemingly being dealt and accepting a bad hand, it’s my time to shine and shine I will.

I’ll prove myself right or wrong, whichever, I have no attachment to the outcome, just that a shift is already in motion. The decisions I make from here on in will send me on a particular path and I’m not going to care about the multiple parallel universes where I turn out differently. I’m going to practice mindfulness in this path, in this universe, there is no place for ‘what ifs’ ‘if only’s’ or regrets.

So I urge you and myself to pull our socks up, stand tall, be brave, dream big this year and take action.

Think I’ll set a reminder to read this post at the start of every month!

A little late but Happy New Year x

Go To Your Edges

Challenge yourself to go to your edges, that’s where the funky stuff happens.

Do you know what it feels like to look in the mirror and see nothing?

Life in the U bend can be cynical and sad at times. It’s hard to access gratitude for the everyday things. By this time in our lives we know what is good for us, we know what to do but its tricky finding the motivation and momentum to do it. It’s sometimes easier to keep looking at nothing in the mirror.

On ‘those’ days I say to myself ‘this too shall pass’ and it invariably does. There are moments of light, glimmers of sparkles. Generally I think happiness can be realised by being in the right place, doing the right things with the right people, obviously that is different for all of us. Having the power to make this happen is surely the way forward.

I also think that exploring and embracing our creativity in all its forms is another contributory factor to happiness. I love finding the wild woman inside, connecting with my passions, my desires, and my creative spirit. I feel creativity is key to unlock doors and dream up new ways of being. I am inspired mostly to write, to paint and to dance.

When we are connected to our instinctual, intuitive minds, our impulses to love, to create, to believe and to desire can be born. That’s when the juicy stuff that excites us manifests. That’s when our belief in ourselves heightens and we feel brave enough to move closer to our edges. Then the really funky shit shows up. Staying in our comfort zones day in, day out can begin to feel like torture. The speck of dust before us grows so big that it clouds our minds and keeps us in the prison of judgement towards ourselves and others. It keeps us locked onto the petty daily irritations rather than allowing us to be expansive and really feel alive.

It can be a painful process moving out of our comfort zones, exploring the unknown areas of ourselves and taking our first steps. Comfort zones, after all, are comfortable, but sometimes being comfortable can get really dull. There is no challenge to comfortable, there is no growth. So as painful and scary as it might be, going to our edges in our relationships, our career, our creativity, our minds will increase our power to surge forward and flourish. It will boost our confidence, our connections, and our self-esteem. It will make us more attractive, more satisfied, and more loving. Waking up and wanting to embrace the day and finding our flow will be a common occurrence.

So I encourage you (and myself) to go out and begin creating, go to your edges. Dance, drum, sing, write, meditate, paint, make, play, story tell. Deeply involve yourself in creative acts that make you feel happy. Don’t worry what other people say and don’t listen to that part of your psyche that has a low opinion of you. Let’s not grovel at its feet, instead bop it over the head and run for freedom. Take yourself, your ideas, and your creative power far more seriously than you have in the past. What you learn, experience and grow will have its time; it will fade and die but will be reborn again and again if you remain fearless and keep boldly going to your edges.